About us

These are unprecedented times that require unprecedented efforts. - Niraj Ranjan, Hiver

NOvid-20 means 'No COVID-19 in 2020'.It is an innovative solution to act like an online doctor whenever and wherever you need. We collect details about your symptoms or medical issues and try to determine your health status.
So, stop yourself from going out and visiting clinics when feeling anxious due to the common diseases brought about by seasonal changes. We aim to simplify the process of testing people for COVID-19 to reduce stress and havoc amongst the citizens, created due to seasonal changes and pollution triggering seasonal flu and allergies which can show symptoms similar to that of COVID-19.
The fear of the global pandemic can instill a doubt of being infected and people frequently feel the urge to visit a hospital. An online solution like this can reduce crowding at hospitals and clinics moreover assuring people about their health and well-being.

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Our COVID-19 Predictor

The predictor model based on machine learning approach analyze the likelihood of the disease based on various factors.

The Chatbot

The interactive AI assistant will resolve all your queries related to the disease and provide implementable solutions to them.

Some useful insights

In addition to the above, we would also be providing useful insights from our end, which would prove to be beneficial.

The current situation Overview

We would also be giving the latest updates and overview of the on-going situation to help you keep track of it.